Surata al-Hafd and al-Khal'

from Ubayy ibn Ka`b's Qur'an codex

Surat al-Hafd

You (alone) we worship,
and to You (alone) we pray and lie prostrate,
and to You (alone) we proceed and have descendants.
We fear Your torture and hope for Your mercy.
Truly Your torture will overtake the infidels.

Surat al-Khal'

O Allah, You (alone) we ask for help and forgiveness.
We speak appreciatingly of Your goodness.
Never do we disbelieve You.
We repudiate and disbelieve anyone who follows immorality.

Sura al-Hafd and Sura al-Khal' are documented for example in Ketab el masa7ef, by Alsajestanee,
bab Jam3 Al quran and Al Etqan fe 3loom Al Qur'n, by Glall al-Din As-Suyuti, ch. 19 "3adad Suor wa Ayat Al quran" the Number of the Suras and Ayas in Quran - Dar E7eea' Al 3loum- Beirut. vol 1 page 183.

The suras al-Hafd and al-Khal' were part of Ubayy ibn Ka`b's Qur'an codex before the Uthman standardized the Qur'an text.

Those above suras are like prayers and in this respect not like most of the Qur'anic verses. But do remember that Sura al-Fatiha, the first sura, is a prayer also. Additionally, the challenge is about the eloquence of expression, not about the exact content, otherwise, each and everthing that is not exactly like the Qur'an can be rejected on the basis that it is not the same. But if one brings the same, then it is called plagiarism.

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