What Indeed Did Jesus Say?

A Rebuttal to

What Did Jesus Really Say?


Introductory Remarks

By writing the book "What Did Jesus Really Say?", Misha'al Ibn Abdullah Al-Kadhi has done Christians the favor of producing a compendium summarizing most Islamic arguments against Christianity and the Bible. This now presents the opportunity to systematically rebut the current Islamic apologetics/propaganda in one place by answering his claims section by section. Obviously, it will take some time to complete this task since the book is over 600 pages long. But when many share in the effort, this is indeed managable and of lasting value. Al-Kadhi's book is available on the web in HTML format: First Edition, Second Edition, and can also be downloaded in MS Word format.

[Several years later: I discover that this book has now spread far and wide. It is offered with ever more fancy design (though anonymized, since the name of the author is nowhere to be found there) like in this page and particularly the site http://www.plaintruth.org/, and is linked on literally hundreds of Islamic web sites, -- none of which links back to our response -- but to this day, over 4 years after challenging the author to openly debate his claims, we have not received any response from him or any Muslim site who would engage in discussing our rebuttals.]

Not all chapters below have the same quality of response. They are written by many different people in different styles. Some are simple Christians who give common sense answers, others have scholarly credentials and their responses might take more effort to read and understand. Some might even still contain some (theological or other) errors or not very helpful answers. That is where our Christian readers come in. This is not a static site. Every suggestion for improvement will be gratefully received and if possible integrated. Feel free to make corrections and submit improved versions for any of the sections, whether just for a sentence, a paragraph or a completely rewritten article on any of the sections below, if you feel that you have a stronger case or a way of expressing it more clearly. The body of Christ needs to work together on this. It is too large for one person. For some issues, alternative answers might be warranted. We can present them both.

So that you don't have to wait too long until there are full direct answers to all sections, we provide links to pages which deal with topics discussed in this chapter and are relevant to the issue but might not be direct responses yet. Most of the issues have been discussed many times and there is no need to rewrite it every time a Muslims formulates things a little bit differently. Also, these links to relevant material will help you volunteers to formulate direct rebuttals to Mr. Al-Kadhi.

WIP means the promise that there is "Work In Progress" and
Who? indicates that this section still needs a volunteer to write an answer for it.

Table of Contents: What Did Jesus Really Say? Responses
    Bring your proof ...
    Some prehistory




Crucial Observations
  Goal of this book
  Follow this chart from Christianity to Islam Why?
  Table of Definitions and Abbreviations Corrections
Chapter 1

Christian-Muslim Dialogue

1.1 Christian perspective Who?
1.2 Muslim perspective Response
1.2.1 'Blind faith' or 'Prove all things'? Responses
1.2.2 The 'Trinity', or 1+1+1=1 Responses /Proof / Spoof Matthew 28:19 (In the name of..) Responses: [1], [2] I Corinthians 12:4-6 Response II Corinthians 13:14 Response Jude 1:20-21 Response 1 John 5:7 Response / Remarks: [1], [2] John 1:1 Responses: [1], [2a,b], [3] John 10:30 Responses: [1], [2] Genesis 1:26 Response John 14:8-9 Response John 14:6 Response / Note 1 / Note 2 John 20:28 Response / thoughts John 10:33 and John 5:18 Response A logical analysis Responses On 'steam, water, and ice' Response Who did the disciples call 'God'? Response Trinitarian scholars admit it! Response
1.2.3 The 'Son of God' Response Anglican bishops declare that Jesus is not God Response How many 'Sons' does God have? Response Because God was his 'Father'? Response Because he performed miracles? Response Because he was filled with the Holy Ghost? Response Because he was the 'Image of God'? Response Because he was 'from above'? Response Because he was the 'Messiah/Christ' and the 'Word'? Response Because he was called 'Lord'? Response Because God 'gave His only begotten Son'? Response What about 'Unto us a child is born'? Response How did Jesus' people know him? Response Is God a man? Response Does God pray to Himself? Response Jesus is God's servant Response Does God have a God? Response Is God greater than Himself? Response More to think about short, detailed Was God ignorant and savage? Response But he must be God, or else we can not be saved Response But he must be God, he was lifted up Response But he must be God, he was the heir of God's glory Response But he must be God, he was crucified for blasphemy Response
1.2.4 'Worship me!' Response Who can forgive sins? Response, Remark Jesus said 'I am' so he must be God Response But people 'worshipped' Jesus and he did not object Response But he doesn't need to say it Response
1.2.5 Historical origin of the 'Trinity' myth Response / Trinity
1.2.6 The systematic destruction of the law of Jesus Response
1.2.7 Christianity's true founder, Paul, admits fabrication Response
1.2.8 Summary: What is a 'Trinity'? Response
1.2.9 Conclusion Response
  Passages overlooked
Chapter 2

Contradictions in the Bible

2.1 Christian scholars recognize tampering Introduction
2.2 A small sampling of these contradictions
2.3 Did mankind tamper with the Old Testament?
2.4 When is a book an 'inspired' book?
Chapter 3

Ancient paganism and the dangers of compromise

Response / Links
Chapter 4

Jesus' second coming and 'grace'

Chapter 5

Various miscellanea

5.1 A Biblical picture of God Who? / Remarks
5.2 My grandfather did it (or: Is King David going to Hell?) Response
5.3 Poison yourself or be damned Response
5.4 Who's will is stronger? Response
5.5 Who bears the sin? Response
5.6 Like Jesus prayed Response
5.7 Like Jesus' greeting Response
5.8 Thirty seven verses word for word? Response
5.9 Melchizedek, A god greater than Jesus? Response
5.10 The ultimate test of Jesus Response
5.11 Who was 'Immanuel'? Response
5.12 Eli, Eli, Lama Sabachthani Response
5.13 Hiding the miracles Response
5.14 Was 'Christ' a 'Christian'? Response
5.15 Will Judas judge Israel? Response
5.16 Does God need an 'blood atonement'? Response
Chapter 6

Muhammad in the Bible

6.1 Three distinct prophesies Response / article
6.2 Foretells the story of the chapter of 'Al-Alak' Remarks
6.3 A Paraclete like Jesus Responses [1], [2]
6.4 The emigration (The Hijra) Theology / Geography
6.5 Isaiah's vision Response
6.6 Truthfulness of Muhammad (pbuh) Response
6.7 Moses foretells of Muhammad's coming Response / Remarks
6.8 Legitimacy of Hagar and Ishmael Response
6.9 A rod out of the stem of Jesse Response
6.10 Reference to Moses, Jesus, & Muhammad in that order Response
6.11 God did not kill Muhammad for speaking in His name Responses: [1], [2]
6.12 Glorifies Jesus Response
6.13 The rejected stone Response
6.14 Daniel's Prophesy Response
6.15 Other Prophesies Response
Chapter 7

The Dead Sea Scrolls & the Gospel of Barnabas

Chapter 8

Jesus in the Qur'an

Chapter 9

The manners and morals of Muhammad

Chapter 10

The life of Muhammad

Chapter 11

What is Islam?

Chapter 12

Islamic faith: Some details

Chapter 13

The miracle and challenge of the Qur'an

Chapter 14

'We' an Arabic and Hebrew plural of respect

Chapter 15

Women in Christianity and Islam

Chapter 16


Chapter 17

Additional references




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