The Summary on World Religions

Where's the Beef?

Despite the views of many in world religions, simply believing in your heart and mind that a lie is the truth from God does not mean that it is. Anyone can believe in a lie, but no amount of belief can turn that lie into the truth. In fact the Bible declares those lies as being satanic, and a plan by Satan to rule the world through confusion, using his false theologies to deceive men.

To summarize the supposed miracles of today's world religions we shall give a few examples; A Mormon has a strong feeling in his heart that Joseph Smith is the prophet of God, "the feeling" by itself, was the first response I got from every Mormon I encountered. A Hindu uses meditation, concentration and contemplation; likewise a New Age teacher (A modern version of Hinduism) uses meditation, and focuses on concentrating on the inner self. The New Age religious teachings, which are not new, match their ancient origin (Hinduism), which seduces followers by offering them the ability to communicate with forces out in the cosmos, and to travel beyond what the eye can see. Using a technique called Yoga, man can perform incredible powers to control his body, Hindus believe that as a result of this, they gain "mystical experience" and "spiritual insight".

Similar to Yoga is a Muslim sect called Darweesh or Dervish; a member of this sect has the ability to control his body to the point of there being no pain or bleeding when his skin is pierced.

In the west, Millions of Catholics believe in the apparition of Mary. Thousands of Catholics go to a mountain place to watch the Virgin Mary appear in the sky, praying to her and waiting on her instructions.

A Muslim can demonstrate the fantastic classical Arabic language in the Quran, and some scientific evidences that the prophet of Islam could not have known. He meditates, concentrates and contemplates while he recites the Quran, and during prayer he is filled with unexplainable joy "Khoshu'a". A Muslim believes that the Quran is a miracle from God, given to man to change the World.

Today, many people believe in prophets like Nostradamus, Jean Dickson, Edgar Cayce, and others, who predicted things such as the death of J. F. Kennedy, the rise and fall of Adolf Hitler etc… Many today believe these predictions are a definite miracle. We will cover some answers to these so-called modern day prophets later.

If we look at the Bible however, it warns us not to believe in these manmade religions, and that we must carefully follow the plan set by God from the beginning. The Bible warns us not to believe even he who claims to be Christ that can let fire come down from heaven. We should follow God's unchangeable Word, which was already set. The Bible tells us how to know when the true Christ returns, how we can tell true prophets from false ones, and of course, how we can tell wolves from lambs.

The Bible is the compass for a lost world, the very map, lamp, and guide for man to see and know which path to take in this dark world. The Bible makes it clear for man; Man has only two choices in the issue of destiny, only two places he can go; either eternal hell with Satan, or eternal paradise with God. Two sides to choose from, "God" or "Satan". Which side do you want to be on?

Some falsely think that they are going to paradise because they have convinced themselves of it. Some think (not knowing that Satan disguises himself as an angel of light) that they are following the true God because their prophet or book said so. You could stand on top of a tall building, believing 100% that if you jump, you’ll be able to fly, but belief alone does not make "suicide" safe, and it certainly doesn’t mean that you can actually "fly". On the contrary, belief can be deceptive, and though you may take that leap of faith and jump off that building, by the time you realize it’s a mistake, it may be too late.

It is eternally dangerous to think that you are going to heaven just because you believe or feel it. Thank God my eternal destiny does not depend on what I feel, as some days I feel sure I am going to Heaven, and other days I feel certain that I am going to Hell. My eternal destiny should depend on what real "evidence" my theology can provide.

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