Evidence from Bible Prophecy

Sometime in 1992 I was fascinated when I read a book entitled "Armageddon, Appointment With Destiny", by Grant Jeffrey.

Some of the things that were explained in this book had many detailed prophecies about Jesus, including his birth, life, death and resurrection, and the re-creation of the state of Israel. Many of these prophecies came to pass as God put down in the Bible! What also amazed me, was to find out that the chances of a man predicting hundreds of historic events, hundreds and thousands of years before their occurrences, are in the zillions... What is even more fascinating, is that the margin of error had to be zero, since the fulfillment of many of these prophecies was (and is) happening in my generation. This kind of evidence had to come from a divine origin, and that origin had to be God Almighty.

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