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The Gospel of Barnabas

Its True Value


William F. Campbell, M.D.


CHAPTER I Contradictions to the Qur'an in the Gospel of Barnabas
CHAPTER II Authorship of Barnabas.
Was the Writer a Jew of the Time of Christ?
CHAPTER III Evidence in the Gospel of Barnabas Which Proves an Origin Between 1300 and 1634 AD.
CHAPTER IV Scientific Faults in the Gospel of Barnabas
CHAPTER V The Documents and Their History

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APPENDIX A Transcription of Arabic into English

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Copyright 1991 William F. Campbell

This online edition (2010) is mostly identical to the print edition but incorporates a number of small corrections throughout the book. There is one difference in structure: In the printed edition, the footnote numbers run from 1 to 59 through the entire book. In the online edition, footnotes are numbered separately for each chapter, and several new footnotes have been added.