the infamous verses in the Qur'an where Muhammad was said to have been inspired by Satan concerning three of the idols worshipped by the Arabs, and was later said to be abrogated. Muhammad was said to have said one day to the Quraish, "Do you see Al Lat and Al Uzza, and Manat the third idol besides? They are the Sublime Birds, and their intercession is desirable indeed!" The famous traditionalist Tabari wrote, (Annals, vol I,3, p. 1192), "When the Quraish heard these verses, they were full with a great joy, and they prostrate themselves, Muslims and non Muslims." [I translate from French, please excuse my English] The two last sentences were abrogated after a while, because they were in contradiction with the unity of God, and were replaced by: "What? Shall you have male progeny and God female? This were indeed an unfair partition." (Maxime Rodinson, Qur'an, LIII, The Star, 19-20)

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