Does Believing There Is a God Take You to Heaven?

Throughout the world, there are a great many people who think they are worshipping the true God, when really they do not in fact know who the true God is. Before we can begin to worship God, we must first come to know Him, and the only way to do this is to look at His Word. To claim that belief in "One True God" will take you to heaven is a dangerous fallacy, and since Satan (An Angel of Light), his demons, and all the religions of the world believe that God created everything, the only difference is the means that qualify us to reach God. Some religions use fire as a medium between man and God, others like Islam claim that works such as praying five times daily, fasting, and giving alms can take them to heaven. In these world religions, it is what and whom you trust in as the means to reach God for forgiveness and reconcilement that seem to matter, not our coming to know God Himself.

In the Bible though, it calls for man to know, believe and trust in God and His work. To believe His attributes, His nature, and His plan for salvation, and to accept and trust only Him and His plan. When Noah started to build the Ark, he presented God's plan to his people in order to save them from the coming flood, but instead of embracing Noah’s words, the people responded by laughing and mocking him. They laughed at God's salvation (his rescue mission for mankind), and ridiculed Noah and his family, but when God sealed the door shut and caused the deluge to come, he also sealed their fate, and their laughter could not save them.

To the people of Noah’s day the idea of it raining was ridiculous, as prior to the flood it had never rained. In a similar way, Christ was the plan of man’s salvation; his cross is the bridge between the sinful man and the Holy God. Many on the other hand still reject this plan as being absurd, they consider it to be ridiculous; believing that each man has to carry his own burdens and sins. What Muslims do not understand, is that our sins, no matter how small we think they are, are great in God's eyes, in fact, we are so drowned by our sins that a flood of sins covers every man. The only way to escape that flood is to trust in God's plan, and jump on the wooden bridge that is the cross. We must accept what God did for man, and not what man can do for himself. When the flood came, no man outside the Ark was able to escape it, no sword, science, and no amount of might could rescue the ones who were perishing. Only the Ark designed by God could save them. Indeed, just as it was God's way then, so it is His way today with Christ's cross.

In the Bible, God presented hundreds of these parallels for His plan for man's salvation; the exodus, Israel, the temple sacrifices, the biblical customs, and so many more, all of which have been directed to focus on one issue; The salvation of mankind through Christ.

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