The Quran's Challenge to Non-Muslims

The well-known challenge in the Quran has been (and still is) to write a single verse like it. Yet Muslims to this day cannot produce anything in the likeness of the Bible, which they freely accuse of being corrupt and man made. One could argue this point by simply challenging the world to produce similar verses and poetry to Shakespeare, Ahmad Shawqi, Gubran Khalil Gubran, Al-Mutanabi and others. The Ability to produce beautiful classical Arabic or poetry does not entitle one to claim the gift of prophecy. Even some of the greatest scholars in the Arabic language did not see any miracle in the eloquence of Quran's Arabic language; Abul-Ala Al- Ma'arri, Ibrahim Al-Nazzam, Ibin Hazm, Al-Khayat and many other modern scholars, such as Taha Hussein, who was pressured, and whose material concerning this issue was banned.

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